Northogden Utah Attractions

Ogden, UT is surrounded by mountain scenery and a winter adventure paradise hidden in the mountains of North Utah, just a short drive from Salt Lake City, Utah.

For seniors, Ogden offers a variety of special events and activities, such as the annual Winter Ski and Snowshoe Festival and the Winter Sports Festival.

There are many dog parks and dog-friendly events throughout northern Utah, including dog races, dog shows and puppy mills. In northern Utah, there are several dog parks that run on a leash and provide the perfect environment for puppies to play and make new friends.

Admire the beautiful scenery Utah has to offer by taking the Ogden River Scenic Byway, which begins at the foot of Ogden Canyon near Rainbow Gardens. Take advantage of winter activities that go beyond downhill skiing and snowboarding, such as snowmobiling, snowshoeing and skiing. Retro is what you get for a night of arcade games at one of the many local arcade games in northern Utah.

You cross North Ogden to enter the Weber Valley at the so-called Long Bench, and then cross the town of Ogden in the north. The trail leads south to what is now called Weber River Scenic Byway to the north, and north to a new trail at the end of the trail.

At the foot of Rocky Point are the Utah Hot Springs, which were a great attraction for the native American people because of their healing healing water. The leaders of the eastern Shoshoni are also frequent in the area. The trail leads south to a series of hiking trails along the east side of the Weber River and then north to the former main food source of the Native Americans, the Great Salt Lake.

If you prefer to climb outdoors, Weber State University offers guided climbing groups. The Club Rec North also offers group excursions and rentals, while you can go up the mountain by sleigh right next to the trails to get there. The resort at Wasatch Parc Tubing Hill is also a great place to spend a day on the slopes, enjoying the benefits of a lift to and from the mountain.

Look at the Fisheries Proclamation, which contains detailed rules and regulations for fishing in Utah. Fisheries regulations change every year and are updated in May, but the Utah Division of Fish and Wildlife fishes a wide variety of fish species, including salmon, trout, perch and other species.

To learn more about Utah Medicaid and apply for the benefits listed above, residents of Ogden can visit the Utah Medicaid website or contact the local Office of Human Services or visit to search for their local department, or call us. Seniors can apply through Northden Community Health Center or the Salt Lake County Health Department.

If you like nature, you will love this 3.8 km hike that ends at a 40 foot waterfall. Rent a pair of paddle boards from Ogden Valley Sports and enjoy the cool waters of the Pineview and Causey Reservoirs. This walk is one of Ogden's most popular walks, and if you're looking for inspiration for your next adventure, click here to sign up.

This is a tiny little park in North Ogden whose water is so beautiful that people go everywhere to try it.

It is important to note that most of the paths along the Wasatch Front allow dogs, but Little Cotonwood Canyon does not, as it is located in a watershed. The stream runs through the gorge, where furry children can frolic in the wild, but the trail is accessible by more than a dozen local hiking guides. It also intersects with several side canyons, including Long Bench, Mount Pleasant Canyon and the Grand Canyon Trail. A path leads up to a wetland that flows south of the spring at the foot of LongBench.

After following the modern US-89, other paths lead to the prized obsidian spring of the Grand Canyon Trail at the foot of Mount Pleasant.

The Ogden Standard Examiner Archives is available on and the database is searchable from 1920 to 1977. The Hill Sisters, who have found meticulously marked and unmarked graves in North Oggerry, are listed in the files. Books about the cemetery and the people buried there are also kept in the Historical Museum North - Og denning.

Legacy House in Ogden is located on the former site of North Oggerry Cemetery, now Legacy Park Cemetery. There are cemetery records that were not on fire, such as the records of the Hill Sisters and the Cemetery Board Records. The North Og Denning Historical Museum has a collection of more than 1,000 artifacts from the last 100 years and keeps records of the history of North Og Denning and its inhabitants. In addition to the museum, a variety of life-enhancing activities and educational programs are offered to support the community living in community.

More About North Ogden

More About North Ogden